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                英語口語 學英語,練聽力,上聽力課堂! 註冊 登錄
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                Situation 11:
                Meeting Jimmy's Friend(Su-mi's cousin Jimmy
                takes her to meet his iriend Tommy. )
                Sue,this is my friend Tommy.He is my best friend.
                Hello,Tommy,it is very nice to meet you.
                Hi,good to meet you, too.
                Sue just came here from Korea.She is going to stay for one week.
                From Korea?Cool.Where is Korea? Is it in China?
                No,Korea is not in China.Korea is between China and Japan.
                Oh, sorry.But you speak Chinese,right?
                No,of course not I speak Korean.
                Really?I didn't know that.In America we don't have many chances to
                learn about Korea.Can you tell me some more things about your country?
                of course.Ask anything you want and I will try to answer as well as I can.
                Well,what do you eat in Korea?
                We eat a lot of rice and kimch 'i.
                Kimch'i?Isn't that really hot and spicy?
                Yes, sometimes.But there are many kinds of kimch'i.
                Really? I didn't know that.But if you eat only rice and kimch'i don't
                you get bored?
                That is not all we eat.There are hundreds of kinds of Korean food.
                We eat all kinds of meat,fish, and vegetables.And these days young
                people also eat pizza,hamburgers,and spaghetti.Seoul is becoming a
                very international city.
                Wow,I didn't know that. Is Seoul a big city?
                It's very big.About fourteen million people live there.
                Fourteen millionThat's bigger than L.A.
                Yes,you should come with Jimmy to visti Korea.
                Yeah,let's go to Seoul next summer.
                I would like that very much.
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